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The Sword - Conquest Of Kingdoms

Flaga Europa 5 czerwca 2020, piątek
Arysta: The Sword

Lista utworów:
Disc I
01. The Horned Goddess [live]
02. Barael's Blade [live]
03. Lament For The Aurochs [live]
04. Iron Swan [live]
05. The Sundering [live]
06. Fire Lances Of The Ancient Hyperzephyrians [live]
07. The Black River [live]
08. The White Sea [live]

Disc II
01. Sea Of Spears [live]
02. Freya [live]
03. Night City [live]
04. The Chronomancer II: Nemesis [live]
05. He's Waiting [C Average version]
06. Sea Of Spears
07. Immigrant Song [Led Zeppelin cover]
08. Nasty Dogs And Funky Kings [ZZ Top cover]
09. Codex Corvidae
10. Freya '08

Disc III
01. Forever My Queen [Pentagram cover]
02. She [KISS cover]
03. Daughter Of Dawn
04. Farstar
05. Cold Sweat
06. Cheap Sunglasses [ZZ Top cover]
07. Hammer Of Heaven
08. Hexenringe
09. Seriously Mysterious [Level One Remix]
10. John The Revelator
11. Turnt To Dust
12. Serpent Weather

Tagi: Stoner metal, Doom metal