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Tan Dun - Buddha Passion

Flaga Polska 8 września 2023, piątek
Arysta: Tan Dun
Wytwórnia: Universal


1. Chant

2. Little Prince

3. Mantra

4. Under The Bodhi Tree

5. Equality

6. Deer of Nine Colors

7. Gratitude

8. Betrayal

9. Trees Wish to Be Still, yet the Wind Doesn’t Let Go

10. Tan Dun: Karma

11. Apsaras

12. Father and Three Daughters

13. My Dear Father

14. Sacrifice

15. Mantra of Nine

16. A Body is a Bodhi Tree

17. Is it the Wind or a Banner Moving, or is it My Soul?

18. Zen Dream

19. A Solar Eclipse

20. Silk Road: An Invisible Road

21. Home Lies so Far Away

22. Love is Destined to Part

23. Heart Sutra

24. In No Time, I Shall Enter Nirvana

25. All Creatures in the Universe

26. The Other Side

27. Buddha Was Man, Man Will Be Buddha

28. One Last Question

29. Nirvana