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Last Days Of Humanity - Horrific Compositions Of Decomposition

Flaga Europa 1 marca 2021, poniedziałek
Arysta: Last Days Of Humanity

Lista utworów:
01. Hematopoietic System Tissue And Lymphoid Fail
02. Molecular Shutdown Of The Hematopoietic Cells
03. Within The Putrefying Realms Of Clinical Pathology
04. Structural Alterations Of Morphological Cell Changes From Within
05. Roots Of Pathos
06. Sickening Analysis Of Reeking Body Fluids And Tissues
07. Malignant Melanoma Disorder By Excisional Biopsy
08. Diagnostic Statistical Mental Disorders
09. Visual Representations Of General Pathology
10. Coagulative Necrosis
11. Mass Chromatography
12. Molecular Pathological Epidemiology Of Colorectal Neoplasia
13. Distinguishing Between Validuty And Utility Of Psychiatric Diagoses
14. Nonculture Molecular Techniques For Diagnosis Of Bacterial Infections
15. Brachio Proctic Defloration In Septic Atrophy
16. Tumorous Parenchyma Of Red Corpuscles
17. Running Through The Blood [Fear Of God cover]
18. Dark Pathways Of Specific Pathogens And Mental Disorders
19. Cellular Destruction Under The Eyes Of The Cytopatholgist
20. Partial Remains Under Post-Mortem Examination
21. Putrid Emphysema In Hypodermic Tissue
22. Fusing Symblepharon
23. A Dive In The Primordical Swamp Of Human Putrefaction
24. Cringe In Repulsion
25. Examination Of Reeking Putrifying Organs, Tissues, Body Fluids
26. Principles Of Pathology
27. Six Distinctive Morphological Patterns Of Necrosis
28. Ciotus Analis And Defloration
29. Coagulative Myocytolysis Degeneration Of The Myocardium
30. A Specific Pattern Of Irreversible Fibrinoid Necrosis
31. In Myocardial Infarction
32. Disruption Of Partial Adipocerous Derma
33. Analyzing The Clinical Adnormalities Of Rigor Mortis

Tagi: Noisecore, Goregrind