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Gates Of Mourning - Ruination

Flaga Europa 6 lutego 2023, poniedziałek
Arysta: Gates Of Mourning

Lista utworów:
01. A Solemn Dirge - Darkness Of The Gathering Storm
02. The Silver Strands Of Winter's Gaze
03. A Shadow Cast Upon The Frozen Pain - The Unholy Angel Of The Forsaken
04. The Summoning Of Hordes - An Ode To Ruination
05. When Grave Worms Beckon A New Reign
06. Of Crimson Towers And Mountain Halls
07. Hosts Of Heaven And Bloodied Cries - Echoes From The Keep
08. Interlude
09. Stolen Wounds Of Lustful Blessings - Engulfed In Flames
10. A Dagger Bejeweled Strikes The Very Heart Of The Righteous

Tagi: Black metal