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Earth - Even Hell Has Its Heroes (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Flaga Europa 1 stycznia 2023, niedziela
Arysta: Earth

Lista utworów:
01. Omage 1 The Unbearable Weight Of History
02. Omage 2 Stoney Bone Child
03. 16 Tracks And Not Gonna Make It Home Tonight
04. Is Anyone Out There
05. The Dark And Bloody Ground
06. Queen Anne's Revenge
07. No Ponderable Fire
08. Fire
09. The Bees Made Honey In The Lion’s Skull [live]
10. Rocker
11. Wind
12. This Bitter Glory
13. The Bees Made Honey In The Lion’s Skull (Dub)
14. Bear Flag Rising
15. A Glorious Defeat
16. Thunder

Tagi: Psychedelic rock