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Cradle Of Filth - Trouble And Their Double Lives [Live]

Flaga Polska 28 kwietnia 2023, piątek
Flaga Europa 28 kwietnia 2023, piątek
Arysta: Cradle Of Filth
Wytwórnia: Mystic

Lista utworów:
Disc I
01. She Is A Fire
02. Heaven Torn Asunder [live]
03. Blackest Magick In Practice [live]
04. Honey And Sulphur [live]
05. Nymphetamine (Fix) [live]
06. Born In A Burial Gown [live]
07. Desire In Violent Overture [live]
08. Bathory Aria [live]
09. The Death Of Love [bonus] [live]

Disc II
01. Demon Prince Regent
02. Heartbreak And Seance [live]
03. Right Wing Of The Garden Triptych [live]
04. The Promise Of Fever [live]
05. Haunted Shores [live]
06. Gilded Cunt [live]
07. Saffron's Curse [live]
08. Lustmord And Wargasm (The Lick Of Carnivorous Winds) [live]
09. You Will Know The Lion By His Claw [bonus] [live]

Tagi: Symphonic metal, Extreme gothic metal